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Inside the Campaign for Mother Divine’s New Residence | June 2023

We're delighted to share with you, our Inside family, the latest progress in building the new Vastu home for Mother Divine℠ near Livingston Manor, New York. This great endeavor will allow all of North American Mother Divine to be together again, creating maximum coherence for our nation and world and simultaneously freeing up rooms for our short and long courses so that many more women and girls can bask in this blissful environment.



Since our last Inside Newsletter, we have raised another $600,000, bringing our total raised to $12,800,000 with only $1,200,000 left to go!!

Every week a building team, which includes the modular construction company and their engineers, the general contractor, our architects, and our mechanical engineer, have been meeting to plan and finalize thousands of details for the building. Their regular meetings keep everything moving forward in a timely way so that soon we will have a complete package of architectural, construction, and engineering drawings to send to the New York State modular office for approval.

Once the state approves, the modular company can start building Mother Divine’s new home very quickly!

We are proceeding with setting up utilities for the new building and preparing to grade and create the new, level Vastu site for the building. The site work will be finished this summer.

To fulfill the requirement of our town planning board, a new road to our 80-acre lake was created in April that will allow fire trucks to access water from the lake if necessary.

Piles of gravel and construction equipment | The finished road with the boathouse in the distance
New fire road created to access the lake at the Global Women’s Center for Peace and Enlightenment


NEW WATER SYSTEM An important part of our campus improvements is the installation of a new water tank and water system that will serve the whole campus now and as we expand our numbers in the future. One of the most precious features of our property is our water, which comes from our own wells and has tested as very pure. The new water tank will be steel with a fused glass lining, designed to provide maximum protection to the purity of the water. Maharishi frequently emphasized the importance of pure water, pure food, and pure air. The site plan for the new water tank has been approved and the construction of a new road out to the site was completed in April.

Gravel road to water tower at Global Women’s Center for Peace and Enlightenment
New road winds out to the site of the new water tank with old tower still standing


A HAPPY COURSE PARTICIPANT We wanted to share with you, our Inside family, some comments from one of the course participants on the recent Taste of Blissful Life ℠ here in Livingston Manor:

I was elated to be able to attend the one-month Taste of Blissful Life Course offered at the gorgeous Mother Divine Campus in Livingston Manor, New York, last winter. I arrived completely depleted from the demands of life in the relative. I know my fellow course participants felt the same sense of relief and joy that I felt as I immersed myself in the nourishing atmosphere of Mother Divine. Immediately stress fell away as I turned within to experience the Self. We were cocooned with kindness, elevated by knowledge, and expanded by enjoying our program in the blissful environment of Mother Divine. I left—although I did not want to leave!—restored, refreshed, refined, and ready once again to serve those people and commitments I love. Now I only have two wishes. One, that I may be fortunate enough to return to another course in person with Mother Divine. And two, that quickly the campus buildings may be built that will afford the same glorious opportunity I enjoyed to many, many women and girls. It will transform our world as surely as it has transformed me. — JW May her wishes be fulfilled very soon!!


Mother Divine Vastu Residence Campaign

Great News — $1,500,000 in New Funds Added!

Results to date: Goal: $14,000,000

Raised: $12,200,000

Needed to Complete: $1,800,000



Donors can direct their gifts toward specific projects, some of which are listed below.

Hall of Knowledge

Meditation Hall

Annapurna Dining Hall


Mother Divine Suite

Conference Room

Vedic Library

Recording Studio

Vastu Fence

Furnishings & Equipment Fund

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