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Creating a Better World by Empowering Women

In our busy world there are places women can go for an hour or a day of relaxation—a spa, a yoga class, a leisurely restaurant meal with good friends—but none compare with spending time in the soft, blissful atmosphere at the Global Women's Center.


Many say that even as they are driving towards the Global Women's Center happiness bubbles up and they begin to feel themselves relax from deep inside.


When women come to our retreats, they are overjoyed with the depth and breadth of their experiences—the deepening silence, the joy, the sweetness, the feeling of renewal—all springing from the clear experience of their own unbounded Self, which is readily available in the pure atmosphere of coherence, bliss, and silence of the Mother Divine Program℠.


Time after time women remark that coming to these retreats has made them aware of their own sublime inner nature and their highest potential, which in turn opens higher possibilities for all of society. 

Residential Programs

Transcendental Meditation® Weekend

An in-residence opportunity for women and girls practicing TM® to gain deep, rejuvenating rest through a structured program of extended Transcendental Meditation practice, along with profound knowledge about the development of higher states of consciousness. 

World Peace Assemblies

An in-residence opportunity for women practicing the TM-Sidhi® program to gain deep, rejuvenating rest through a structured program of extended TM-Sidhi practice along with profound knowledge about the development of higher states of consciousness.

Types of Courses

  • Transcendental Meditation 7-step introductory course

  • Inspiration for Starting the Advanced Techniques of the Transcendental Meditation

  • Advanced Techniques of Transcendental Meditation in (3 days residence)

  • Transcendental Meditation Sidhi Program in (2 weeks in residence)


  • Weekend Courses for practitioners of Transcendental Meditation

  • World Peace Assemblies for women practicing the TM-Sidhi program

  • Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training Course (5+ months in residence)

  • Advanced Lectures on the TM Program

  • Lectures by Maharishi for Advanced Meetings of TM (Seven themes)

  • Advanced Lectures on the TM and TM-Sidhi program

Distance Programs


Monthly webinars for women practicing Transcendental Meditation

Bhagavad Gita Study Course

Temporarily Unavailable

For women around the world – Enjoy studying the timeless and universal wisdom of the Bhagavad-Gita and its practical application in your own life through ongoing this online distance education course. Ongoing. For more information, please email:

  • Source, Course, and Goal of Love

  • Mother and Daughter Course

  • Higher States of Consciousness - Maharishi Speaks on the Seven states of Consciousness 

  • Maharishi Vedic Science℠  (lesson 1-16)

  • Good Health Through Prevention

  • Diet, Digestion, and Nutrition

  • Self Pulse Reading for good Health

  • Maharishi Yoga℠ - A Course on Yoga Exercise

  • Maharishi Yoga℠ Asana Training Course

  • Introduction to Vedic Dance

  • Corporate Development Retreats for Women

  • Introduction to Maharishi Gandharva Veda℠ Vocal Music

Full Moon Broadcasts

Monthly broadcasts on Maharishi Channel 5 feature presentations relating Maharishi Vedic Science to various topics of interest.

  • Maharishi Reviews the Role of Yogic Flyers for National Invincibility and World Peace

  • Understanding the Growth of Enlightenment

  • Developing Pure Knowledge for Fulfillment in Education

  • Maharishi Speaks on the Cognitions of the Lady Seers

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