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Phase 1:  The renovation and transformation of the Livingston Manor campus into the Global Women’s Center for Peace and Enlightenment began fourteen years ago in 2008 with the construction of two new Vastu Peace Palaces overlooking the lake and the demolition of almost all of the old buildings of the Waldemere Hotel. 

Phase 2: Completed in 2020. With a lead donation of half million dollars we were able to construct a new Maharishi Vastu kitchen and guest apartment and also create an east entrance to the campus.  The kitchen is designed to serve the whole campus both now and as we expand in the future.  

Phase 3: Currently in progress, preparation for and construction of a new Maharishi Vastu residence building for North American Mother Divine. This building, together with the two existing Vastu Peace Palace buildings, will allow us to bring together all of North American Mother Divine in one place to create maximum coherence for the United States and the world. Also included in Phase 3 is the creation of a new water system serving the entire campus.

Looking to the future expansion of the campus, we have created a Master Plan for the Global Women’s Center for Peace and Enlightenment, with three more phases of development.

Phase 4: The demolition of the last old building on the campus (the “Celebrities” building) and the construction of a new Maharishi Vastu residence building which will provide dignified and comfortable housing for retreats and other courses.

Phase 5: Construction of a new Vastu home for Maharishi College of Enlightenment (MCE), Mother Divine's college (MCE).

Phase 6: The construction of two new Maharishi Vastu buildings: 
Building 6a will be a lovely building for an Ayurvedic Day Spa and Yoga Center, offering the programs and treatments of Maharishi AyurVeda.

Building 6b will be an additional Vastu residential building and conference center.

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