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Programs for Women

The Global Women's Center for Peace and Enlightenment in Livingston Manor, NY offers residential programs to ladies from all walks of life for self-improvement and creating harmony in society. At the heart of the Center is the Mother Divine Program℠—a full-time residential group of women dedicated to realizing their full spiritual potential—enlightenment—and enlivening world peace through the nourishing power of inner bliss and coherence. We achieve this through our extended collective practice of Transcendental Meditation® and its advanced programs. The Mother Divine Program was established in 1981.

Courses in all aspects of Maharishi Technology of Consciousness, such as the Maharishi AyurVeda® Family Health Series, including the Healthy, Happy Mother and Baby Program; Yoga Asanas; Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems; VedAroma®; Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training; and more.

This will be a place where women from every walk of life can come and partake of everything the Mother Divine Program has to offer.

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