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Building in Harmony with Natural Law

The new buildings will be designed and built entirely according to the ancient architectural principles of Maharishi Sthapatya Veda® known as Maharishi Vastu®. This is architecture according to natural law, the principles in nature that organize everything, from our human physiology to all species on earth, our entire planet, the moon, the sun, the solar system, and the whole universe. 


It has been the experience of people all over the world that living and working in this type of building has a nourishing effect on the occupants, making life easy, fortunate, and peaceful for them. The benefits of Vastu are immense: it improves health and well-being, creates stress-free living and tranquility, promotes wealth and prosperity, improves relationships, enhances creativity and intelligence, maximizes focus and efficiency, provides deeper sleep, and develops broader comprehension.

Artist's rendering of proposed new residence with 3 floors

We also aim to utilize the latest in green building technologies. Sustainability features will include

  • Modular wood construction with extra thick walls and ceilings, cellulose insulation, and double glazed windows for energy conservation

  • Non-toxic building materials recommended by our Bau Biologie consultant

  • UV filtered water (chlorine not required)

Artist's illustration of the residence building for the Mother Divine Program.

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