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Inside the Campaign for Mother Divine’s New Residence | Winter 2023

Updated: Jun 10, 2023

We ended 2022 on a high note of having raised 10.7 million toward the completion of our 14 million fundraising objective—a fantastic milestone! We are starting 2023 on an even higher note of having raised another $1.5 million. Please join us in fully achieving the goal so that we can move ahead full steam with the building’s construction. Here's an inside look at the progress of the campaign to build Mother Divine’s new residence in Livingston Manor, NY.


Smiling couple supporting the Global Women’s Center for Peace and Enlightenment
Mack and Carol Travis—Honorary Campaign Chairs

Honorary Campaign Chairs

It is a joy to announce that Mack and Carol Travis have accepted the role of Honorary Chairs of the Capital Completion Campaign for Mother Divine’s new residence building at the Global Women’s Center for Peace and Enlightenment.

As long-time supporters of the Mother Divine and Purusha℠ programs, Mack and Carol feel a deep responsibility to see that Mother Divine in North America is properly housed in a permanent Vastu home.

In accepting the role of Honorary Chair, Carol said, “When Mother Divine is together and comfortably living in proper Vastu the world will be a different place.” Her husband Mack added, “Please join us and help us cross the finish line to fund this seminal project at the heart of the Global Women’s Center."


In November we started clearing the site for the new residence building for North American Mother Divine. This was completed in December. Even through the winter, when there was snow on the ground, we were able to move ahead with the next step, trenching for underground electric to the site.

Land being cleared for new residence.
Excavating equipment, piles of rock for new roads, and view of the Catskill Mountains


Mother Divine Vastu Residence Campaign

Great News — $1,500,000 in New Funds Added!

Results to date: Goal: $14,000,000

Raised: $12,200,000

Needed to Complete: $1,800,000



Donors can direct their gifts toward specific projects, some of which are listed below.

Hall of Knowledge

Meditation Hall

Annapurna Dining Hall


Mother Divine Suite

Conference Room

Vedic Library

Recording Studio

Vastu Fence

Furnishings & Equipment Fund


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