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A softer, kinder, more unified and peaceful world is possible, and that much-needed influence is quietly provided by a group known as the Mother Divine Program. Creating coherence is their full-time profession. When mother is at home, children feel secure and at ease, free to blossom in their full potential. The Mother Divine Program provides that same peaceful, nourishing influence for our world family. 

Blissful Life in Freedom, Fullness, and Enlightenment℠

The Mother Divine Program℠ unfolds the nourishing qualities inherent in every woman, not only developing her own self-sufficiency, dignity, and strength, but also allowing her to radiate a life-supporting, unifying influence to others. The Mother Divine Program multiplies this nourishing effect for the world manyfold—the larger the number of members of the Mother Divine Program practicing Transcendental Meditation® and its advanced programs in a group, the more powerful the effect of positivity, harmony, and upliftment in society.

The Mother Divine Program is a full-time residential program for advanced research in consciousness. The practical result is development of higher states of consciousness for the individual and a profound influence of peace for the world.

Founded in 1981, the Mother Divine Program now comprises groups in nine countries around the world— United States, Brazil, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Russia, India, Thailand, and New Zealand.  

All the groups are supported by generous, ongoing donations from individuals and organizations who appreciate the unique importance of this program and its uplifting influence on society, and who also value how their own lives are enhanced by having a connection with the Mother Divine Program.

What Women Say about Spending Time with the Mother Divine Program

The first time that I came to a course with Mother Divine, as soon as I stepped out of my car, I could feel in every cell of my body a very palpable, sublime sweetness that was in the air. I had never felt anything like that before. That weekend, and every weekend course since, has been filled with peace and nourishment that no other environment has given me.—S.H., New York


Driving up to Mother Divine’s campus is a feeling unlike any other. Once I pull into the drive I am intoxicated by the silence. It hits you right in the face. It makes you realize that this is truly home away from home. Even when I don’t feel tired, the contrast is obvious. The great thing is that the silence and restfulness stays with you for months after returning home.—C.S., Pennsylvania

Like a bird that feels and knows the coming of a storm – I could feel and simply knew that Mother Divine was where I wanted and needed to be, not so much for myself – that came later – but for the larger whole.  To feel, to know, that I could do something significant by contributing my silence – a drop – into a still larger pool was both inspiration and consolation during unsettled times.—M.H., Massachusetts

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