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Creating a Better World by Empowering Women

A Global Women’s Center for Peace and Enlightenment is being built to assure that mother will always be at home in our world. At its core is a permanent home for the Mother Divine Program℠, a group of women who practice Transcendental Meditation® and its advanced programs full-time, radiating a powerful effect of peace and enlightenment.

By building a Global Women’s Center for Peace and Enlightenment, we will create a permanent home for the Mother Divine Program in North America. In addition, this will be a place where women from every walk of life can come and partake of everything the Mother Divine Program has to offer.

Women watching knowledge video together
Courses in all aspects of Maharishi Technology of Consciousness®, such as the Maharishi AyurVeda® Family Health Series, including the Healthy, Happy Mother and Baby Program; Maharishi Yoga Asanas; Maharishi Light Therapy with Gems; VedAroma®; Transcendental Meditation Teacher Training; and more.

Women from all over the world are already experiencing the transforming effect of being in the atmosphere of the Mother Divine Program. Building a Global Women’s Center for Peace and Enlightenment will provide the place from which this positive effect can most powerfully radiate to the whole world. 


A permanent home has already been provided for the Maharishi Purusha Program, the program for men that is similar to the Mother Divine Program. Now is the time to create a beautiful home for Mother Divine in North America.

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