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Artist Rendering of Proposed New Residence at the Global Women's Center for Peace and Enli


A Vastu home for a peace-creating group—

The Mother Divine Program℠

Phase Three*: We are building a new home for the Mother Divine Program in North America—a group of ladies dedicating their lives to the full-time practice of Transcendental Meditation, the TM-Sidhi Program, and Yogic Flying. Based in New York, this group of advanced meditators will radiate peace and harmony throughout North America.

*Phase 1: Two Peace Palaces; Phase 2: New Kitchen and East Entrance

Three women practicing Transcendental Meditation together

About Us

The Mother Divine Program℠ unfolds the nourishing qualities inherent in every woman, not only developing her own self-sufficiency, dignity, and strength, but also allowing her to radiate a life-supporting, unifying influence to others. 

Courses for Ladies

Our new home will attract many women to experience deep silence and create peace. Courses in Maharishi Vedic Science exclusively for ladies practicing Transcendental Meditation® and and its advanced programs will be offered, so they can gain new knowledge and share their experiences in a protected environment before applying it in their daily lives.

A group of women enjoying a meditation retreat

Vastu Architecture

The benefits of Vastu are immense: it improves health and well-being, creates stress-free living and tranquility, promotes wealth and prosperity, improves relationships, enhances creativity and intelligence, maximizes focus and efficiency, provides deeper sleep, and develops broader comprehension.

As time goes on, our efforts will be more and more fruitful to have larger numbers of Mother Divine. They will be the centers of peace on earth, like oases in the desert. Then the whole desert is going to be transformed into very fertile, very fruitful land.

—Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, 31 August 2003

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